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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rush by Maya Banks (review 2-16-13)

I got two words for this book..shock and awe!
It was a bit much for me to handle in the beginning, but as I read more it got better. The writing was good, but I guess I'm not an "erotica" type. I'm not judging anyone, but how can anyone read this type of stuff all the time? For me I have to take this in small doses. I can handle the sex and even some of the BDSM, what I couldn't handle is the guy Gabe being such a jerk! He had no personality. Mia was the same for me, she was just ok, nothing exciting and half the time i just felt embarrassed for her. I get that this is what happens in this type of lifestyle, but come on....you'd have to be a robot to do this nonsense, to be with someone purely for the sex, without love is impossible in my opinion. The last half of the book had a little more substance to it and it's what got me through. I'm sure I'll read the rest of the series when it comes out, because I need to see what happens:) Also, this book is quite a bit like fifty shades, sorry, but it is. Don't get me wrong, I liked fifty shades of grey as well and it was very tame compared to this:) With this being said, I will give it 3 stars. Decent story, too graphic for me..I know, what did I expect? Lol
It was very entertaining for sure and I give props to the author. She made everything very descriptive for sure. Oh well, call me old fashioned..back to Young/New Adult for me;)